Use Your Walking Feet

Kids say the darndest things …

One child was a runner.  She was 3 years old, and had learned to cope with her abusive father by just running away – and was she fast!  In the blink of an eye, she could be on top of the bookcase, under a table, or have the door open and be halfway down the hall.  We used positive words.  “Use your walking feet, child”, or “Inside we use our walking feet, child” (with a little more stress on the phrase).

One energetic morning, the child was as free as the wind, running in circles around the room.  “Use your walking feet child” came the encouraging response from the teacher.  The other adults took up the chorus.  “Use your walking feet child.”  In frustration, the child stopped and looked at us all like the dunces we were and said, “I’m using my walking feet to run!”


One response to “Use Your Walking Feet

  1. Well … she’s got a point. So cute.

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